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The French Review Book Series

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La France contemporaine: unité et diversités, polarisations et solidarités

Sous la direction de Michel Gueldry et Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron

A publication of the American Association of Teachers of French

ISBN 978-1-7339360-3-3

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Special Issue

The French Review welcomes articles for a Special Issue on:

Enseigner la diversité de la France


This Special Issue, to be published in May 2023 (Vol. 96.4), will be devoted to teaching the increasing level of sociocultural diversity within French society. While almost all of us have made great progress in terms of representing more than France to our students, of teaching the realities of the vast French-speaking world, we still have progress to make when it comes to teaching France as an increasingly multicultural country. Recent studies such as Jérôme Fourquet’s L’archipel français: naissance d’une nation multiple et divisée (Seuil, 2019) have confirmed that France is now, much like the United States, divided into communautés: by ethnolinguistic group, by skin color, by religion, by sexual orientation, etc. The new level of sociocultural fragmentation has not erased the traditional economic divisions between what were once called les classes sociales, but it has become clearly visible and should be taken into greater account in our classes. In short, how do we, as teachers, go beyond the traditional representation of France as un vieux pays that is predominantly white, Catholic (or laïque), and linguistically homogeneous?

Successful submissions will address some aspect(s) of diversity in contemporary French society and suggest pedagogical strategies and resources that we can use to provide a more accurate representation of France in our classes. Instructors at all levels are encouraged to submit articles.

Authors should consult our Guide for Authors for the formatting requirements.

Submitted articles should be sent to the Editor in Chief (editorfrenchreview@frenchteachers.org).

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2022.




The French Review Book Series

This book series publishes scholarly works in the field of French and Francophone Studies, in the form of authored or edited volumes written in French and/or English. The scope of the book series will cover most of the rubrics of the French Review: Literature, Film, Society and Culture, Linguistics, Focus on the Classroom, Professional Issues. However, this book series is not designed for textbooks or other pedagogical materials. Nor is it designed for creative works (novels, collections of poetry or short stories, etc.).

The objective of the French Review Book Series is not to generate a revenue stream, but to provide the means for scholars to publish worthy projects, which will mainly be distributed to university libraries. During the early stages of the book series, the print runs will be small, and authors will not receive royalties. Authors or editors of published books will receive five free copies.

To be considered for publication, authors or editors should submit a detailed project proposal: a table of contents; an introduction and/or sample chapter; a succinct bibliography; a statement indicating how the book would contribute to current scholarship and what the potential readership would be.

As is the case for the French Review, AATF membership is a requirement, for all authors and editors, for publication in the book series. The technical specifications of the books (softcover, size, font, etc.) will be similar to those of our journal.

For general formatting requirements, consult our Guide for Authors. Detailed project proposals should be sent to the Editor in Chief (editorfrenchreview@frenchteachers.org).